Burgundy Pre-Lit Potted Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

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A beautiful Christmas tree in a stunning shade of green, this Burgundy Pre-Lit Potted Spruce will bring some festive sparkle to your living room. An artificial tree which comes pre-lit, it’s available in two sizes – 100cm or 150cm – each one adding the wow factor to you space.

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Key Features
12 months warranty


One of eight Christmas trees on the Luxury Rattan site, this is a great choice if you’re short on space at home. For those with modest-sized houses or apartments, the 100cm or 150cm tree is perfect, meaning you can still get into the festive spirit without squeezing a large tree into your living room.

Plus, as it’s pre-lit you won’t have to grapple with tangled-up lights. It's fully assembled, so all you need to do is find somewhere nice to position it – and then decorate it to your heart’s content. Of course, the latter stage is the best stage! 

Whether you opt for a traditional scheme of red and silver, or you prefer something more contemporary, we can guarantee that this tree will look fantastic.

With a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, this quality Christmas tree takes all the stress out of decorating for the season. As it’s artificial, you don’t have to concern yourself with vacuuming up pine needles daily; instead, sit back and relax and enjoy the wonder of your gorgeously decorated Christmas tree.

As it’s small, you can go all-out with the decorations too, choosing more meaningful ones. Each decoration will be on show; there will be very few baubles hidden around the back, as is often the case with larger trees, so why not get creative and only add your favourite, most treasured baubles?

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Christmas tree range; there are eight styles to choose from here on the site.


Accessory Type
Christmas Tree
Tree Height
100cm, 150cm,
Pre Lit
Assembly Required
Fully assembled


Manufacturers Warranty
12 months