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Fire Pit Tables: The Complete Guide

If you’re here because you’re considering buying a fire pit table, you’ve come to the right place. Or if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post in a bid to figure out what on earth a fire pit table is – welcome as well!

A fire pit table is exactly what you’d expect it to be: it combines the aesthetics of a traditional fire pit with that of luxurious outdoor furniture—namely, a table. The result is a modern, elegant piece that will keep you and your guests warm while adding a touch of style to any garden or outdoor space. 

Maybe you’ve already done a bit of research and have a clear idea of what a fire pit table is, but even if you’re starting with absolutely zero knowledge, this article aims to tell you more. In this guide, you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about fire pit sets. By the time you’ve finished reading, we’re sure you’ll be eager to spruce up your garden with a lovely fire pit table, perfect for entertaining guests!

From materials to look out for and things to consider before buying, to placement and care tips and everything in between, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about fire pit tables.

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  1. What are fire pit tables?
  2. How Fire Pit Tables Work
  3. Types of Fire Pit Tables – Fuel Sources
  4. Different Types of Materials for Fire Pit Tables
  5. Other Things to Consider When Buying
  6. Things to Consider After Buying
  7. FAQs

What are fire pit tables?

fire pit table

As mentioned above, a fire pit table combines the look of a traditional fire pit with the homely charm of a piece of furniture. Designed to look (and act) like a regular patio table, fire pit tables provide a modern solution to your outdoor space, adding ambient illumination and warmth, as well as some surface area for placing drinks and tableware down. 

When positioned and installed just right, they can even serve as the central hub of your garden, the cosy gathering spot where great conversations are enjoyed, and greater memories are made.  

There are many styles of fire pit tables to choose from, which we’ll cover later in this guide, but all you should know is that there is a fire pit table out there for every taste. The bottom line is that fire pit tables serve as a safe and effortless way to bring the rustic charm of a campfire direct to your garden.

How Fire Pit Tables Work

Now that you know what fire pit tables are, it’s time to get your head around how they work. It’s really quite simple, actually.

As with regular aboveground or below-ground fire pits, fire pit tables require a fuel source to produce those comforting flames you desire. This allows you to light the fire with ease.

Some fire pit tables can be lit manually with a lighter or matches, which is great if you prefer having that control (or truly crave that campfire feeling). However, to make things even more effortless, you’ll be glad to know that a lot of fire pit tables have automatic ignition, so you don’t have to worry about ensuring you have a lighter or another fire starter nearby.

This brings us to our next section…

Types of Fire Pit Tables – Fuel Sources

The functions and features of fire pit tables sometimes rely on the fuel sources of the fire pit. For example, if you want a fire pit table that can be manually lit, you might want to pick wood as your fuel source. If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of manually lighting a fire every time, then a fuel source like propane might be your best bet.

fire pit set close up

Read on to learn more about the different fuel sources available to choose from when shopping for a fire pit table.


By far the most common fuel source used in fire pit tables, propane is the best option to select if you’re all about convenience. Propane delivers a clean-burning flame, which makes it excellent for use in a fire pit table. Your guests won’t be coughing and waving smoke out of their faces while trying to enjoy an outdoor meal.

Propane is delivered to a fire pit table via a propane tank, which is hidden out of sight, often within the table. As you have to keep replacing the tanks when they run out, you might find this option to be costlier (and waste-producing) than others on this list.

Propane: Pros and Cons

Pros - A convenient option, propane delivers a clean-burning flame for your fire pit. You can hide the propane tank out of sight too.

Cons - Propane can be a costlier option when it comes to fueling your fire pit.


Wood is a classic fuel source that proves time and time again that simplicity is often best. Just keep plenty of firewood at hand, and you can ensure your fire pit table always has a steady and sustainable source of fuel. Not only is burning wood more eco-friendly, but this natural method is also friendlier on your wallet in the long term. 

While you’ll love the comforting crackling sound the burning wood makes, you may not love the soot, ash and pungent smoke it produces. Keep this in mind when browsing fuel source options for your fire pit table.

Wood: Pros and Cons

Pros - Wood offers a comforting crackling sound, which will lend itself perfectly to your relaxed garden get-together.

Cons - Soot and ash may pose a problem when it comes to fueling your fire pit.


As with wood, charcoal is an affordable and convenient natural fuel source that you might opt for if you crave the rustic, personal touch of lighting your own fires. Charcoal burns hot and fast, with a small flame that sends heat out evenly, so no one huddled around your fire pit table feels left out from the warmth.

Charcoal: Pros and Cons

Pros - Affordable and convenient, charcoal burns fast to give you near-instant warmth.

Cons - Charcoal may not be as environmentally-friendly as wood.


Looking for a clean, environmentally friendly fuel source for your fire pit table that requires little to no fuss? Turn to bioethanol, the clean fuel option that emits no sparks or smoke – just pure flame, steam and carbon dioxide.

The renewable nature of this fuel source cannot be overstated, but unlike other fuel source options, it doesn’t produce as much heat. Bioethanol fuel containers are also typically costlier and last for a shorter time than, say, propane tanks.

Bioethanol: Pros and Cons

Pros - Bioethanol is an environmentally-friendly option.

Cons - It doesn’t produce as much heat as other sources.

Natural Gas

Most homes already run on natural gas, so running a line of natural gas into your fire pit table is another option for you to consider. Natural gas burns far cleaner than propane, which means you’ll be dealing with less soot. It’s also cost-efficient and convenient, as you don’t need to run to the shops to buy a refill.

The only major drawback, however, is the expenses required to install a line of natural gas. This requires a certified technician to install it professionally (and properly). This permanent installation means the location of your fire pit table can’t be easily changed in the future.

Natural Gas: Pros and Cons

Pros - Offering a cleaner burn, natural gas produces less soot, making it more convenient. 

Cons - It can be expensive to use natural gas for your fire pit, as opposed to another fuel source.


The last fuel source on this list is gel fuel. Typically formed from isopropyl alcohol, this clean burning fuel source is fairly affordable and incredibly easy to use. You can look forward to a low maintenance fire pit table experience, as using gel fuel requires minimal clean up. 

Gel: Pros and Cons

Pros - A clean-burning fuel, gel is a great option for your fire pit, which requires minimal clean-up too.

Cons - Gel doesn’t put out as much heat as other fuel sources.

Different Types of Materials for Fire Pit Tables

As with other pieces of furniture, fire pit tables are available in a wide array of materials. It’s particularly important to consider the material when shopping for a fire pit table, if not for the aesthetics of the fire pit table, then certainly for more practical reasons. These reasons include how often you will use your fire pit, where you will place your fire pit table and more.

fire pit table and sofa set

Here, we break down some of the most popular materials used to build fire pit tables, as well as the pros and cons of each. Let’s dive in…

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel fire pit table is great for you if you want to add a sleek, contemporary touch to your back garden. 

Stainless steel is durable but lightweight, meaning a fire pit table made from this material can be easily shuffled around depending on your mood. You needn’t worry about rusting either, as stainless steel is formulated with a special corrosion-resistant coat that makes it near indestructible against exposure to the elements. 

Stainless Steel: Pros and Cons

Pros - Stainless steel is easy to maintain, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and extremely durable.

Cons - Stainless steel can prove an expensive option when choosing a fire pit.


Aluminium offers the same modern look that stainless steel does, but it’s much more lightweight. An aluminium fire pit table is just as portable as a stainless steel one, with the added benefit of also being resistant to rust and corrosion from the weather. 

Aluminium is also heat conductive, which makes it well suited for a fire pit table.

Aluminium: Pros and Cons

Pros - Aluminium is lightweight, durable, heat-conductive, and requires little maintenance. It’s also affordable.

Cons - Aluminium fire pits may be more prone to rust than other materials.


If you’re after the same attractive metallic look of a stainless steel or aluminium fire pit table, but want something a bit different, why not go for a bronze fire pit table? With a recognisable colour, a bronze fire pit table will lend a warm, artistic touch to your garden.

One con of bronze fire pit tables is that they may be pricier than other materials.

Bronze: Pros and Cons

Pros - Bronze offers a contemporary look for your garden.

Cons - While bronze fire pits may offer a cool, modern aesthetic, they can be a more expensive option.


Fibreglass is just as lightweight and durable as the other materials on this list so far, but it has a different feel and look than metal. Crafted from fibre reinforced plastic, fibreglass fire pit tables are often made to mimic the look of natural stone without the weight of real stone.

Fibreglass: Pros and Cons

Pros - Durable and lightweight, fibreglass fire pits can mimic the look of natural stone without the expense.

Cons - Fibreglass fire pits might not be as durable as natural stone fire pits.


If you want to go all-in with the aesthetic of real stone, then…well, you should go for real stone!

Get that charming masonry detailing you to desire with a stone fire pit table, which will complement other masonry elements throughout your garden (think: brickwork and stone paving). Stone won’t rust, but a stone fire pit table is not as lightweight as the other options on this list.

Stone: Pros and Cons

Pros - Complementing other masonry elements in your garden, a stone fire pit won’t rust.

Cons - Stone fire pits aren’t as lightweight as some fire pits on this list.


Combining homely style with practicality and function, a sophisticated looking rattan fire pit table is an excellent choice for those who crave the finer things in life. Though it may not look like much, woven polyethylene rattan is durable, UV-resistant and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your fire pit table being damaged by the elements. 

Here at Luxury Rattan, you can rest assured that our high-quality rattan fire pit tables will last you for many seasons to come, through rain and shine. Plus, you’ll be glad to know that the aluminium frame we use to construct our fire pit tables is as durable as they come.

Rattan: Pros and Cons

Pros - Rattan offers a luxurious look in your garden - and it will last for years to come.

Cons - It may not be the cheapest option, but it is guaranteed to stand the test of time

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Table

Now that you know a thing or two about the fire pit table material options, it’s time to turn to other factors you should consider when shopping for a fire pit table.

The Size of the Table

One of the most important considerations is, of course, the size of the fire pit table. It won’t do if you get a table that’s much too big for your back garden, nor will it do if your fire pit table is far too small for your large arrangement of outdoor furniture.

If you already have an idea of where you want to place your fire pit table, consider the existing furniture arrangement. How much space do you have for your fire pit table? Taking measurements with a tape measure at this stage is important to ensure you don’t choose the wrong size table.

The fire pit tables available on the Luxury Rattan website are all around 75 cm in height, with widths ranging from 120 cm to 155 cm. These sizes all depend on the shape of the table, which brings us to our next point…

The Style of the Table

Square, circular, rectangular, bowl-shaped – pick your poison. As with regular dining tables, there are a variety of shapes your fire pit dining table can come in. 

Square fire pit tables are great for smaller seating areas, while rectangular fire pit tables are excellent if you have a larger family or expect to be entertaining more guests. On the other hand, a fire pit sofa set offers up a more intimate setting for hanging out. 

Luxury Rattan fire pit tables are available in square, circular and rectangular shapes to give you and your guests the best possible arrangement for meaningful fireside chats. 

The Location of the Table 

For ultimate safety, the location of your fire pit table is important. If you have limited space in your garden, ensure that there are no plants, railings, furniture or other flammable things that will be positioned too close to your fire pit table. Even more crucial: make sure you keep your fire pit table well away from the side of your house, to avoid a fire.

The Fuel Source

Budget, convenience and environmental reasons should also be taken into consideration when thinking about what fuel source you’d like to use for your fire pit table. Refer back to the fuel source section for a breakdown of the pros and cons of each type of fuel source.

Things to Consider After Buying

Great, so you’re sure you want to buy a fire pit table by now. Next, you’ll need to consider some things for after you order your new fire pit table.

Preparing For Delivery

fire pit sofa set

If you ordered your fire pit table online or arranged for delivery at a furniture showroom, you’ll want to prepare for delivery. Depending on where you buy your fire pit table, there are a number of delivery options to choose from.

Here at Luxury Rattan, our Standard Delivery service means your new fire pit table will be safely delivered to you in 10 working days from the day of your order. Please note that you must be there to receive and sign for your parcel. 

For more information about deliveries, please visit our Deliveries page.


After your fire pit table arrives, the first step is not to assemble it, but to celebrate! Hooray, your gorgeous new piece of furniture is finally here.

Next you may need to worry about lifting, unpacking, assembling and installing your fire pit table. Fortunately, with our Premium Plus service, you can leave all that hard stuff to the professionals. For an additional price, not only will our friendly delivery team take care of assembly for you, but they’ll even whisk away any packaging, so you don’t have to.

Storage Solutions

To ensure your fire pit table lasts you for years to come, it’s essential you store it properly. While our fire pit tables are weatherproof, you’ll still want to take measures to extend the lifespan of your fire pit table. This includes covering your fire pit table with a dedicated cover when it’s not in use (particularly in the colder months).

Caring For Your New Fire Pit Table 

There are a few things to keep in mind for the ongoing upkeep of your new fire pit table. You might want to invest in a fire screen to contain any dangerous sparks and flames, so you have extra peace of mind. Also, as always, ensure that flammable items are kept away from your fire pit table. This also means properly securing your fire pit table in such a way that it doesn’t tip over.

A furniture cover can also keep your fire pit table looking fresh, even when not in use. Finally, clear out any ash and debris after extinguishing any fires so your fire pit table always looks and functions at its best.


Got a question about fire pit tables that wasn’t answered above? Maybe these FAQs will help you out…

Do fire pit tables keep you warm?

Absolutely! Granted, fire pit tables are not nearly as effective at warming you up the way a heater would, but they still give off enough heat to keep you toasty when you’re sitting in front of one.

How do fire pit tables work?

You will need to choose a fuel source to light your fire pit table. This includes things like firewood, charcoal, a dedicated natural gas line or a replenishable propane tank.

What is the difference between a fire pit and a fire pit table?

Fire pits and fire pit tables essentially have the same function—to warm you up and provide an aesthetic backdrop. The difference is purely in appearance. While a fire pit is simply that – a pit in the ground to hold fire – a fire pit table is designed to look like a dining table, which places the flames at a higher level.

Are fire pit tables safe on wood decks?

The answer: it depends. Check with your local area’s guidelines for any regulations. For the most part, it’s best not to mix fire with flammable materials – in this case, a wood deck.

However, if there’s no space in your garden to place your fire pit table and you only have a wood deck, then take extra precautions when starting a fire. This means keeping a fire extinguisher on hand and ensuring the fire is attended to at all times. You can also place your fire pit table on a specialised mat or fireproof slab to protect your wood deck.

Have more questions? 

We hope by now you know all you need to know about fire pit tables. They’re a great piece of furniture to add to your back garden, particularly if you often have guests over or crave adding a cosy ambience to your outdoor space.

Have further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team here at Luxury Rattan are available to answer any further queries you may have. If, however, you’re ready to browse our selection of quality rattan fire pit tables, you can do so here.