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Buying Rattan Furniture: A Complete Guide

So, you’re considering splashing out on some new rattan furniture and don’t know where to begin and what to look for. Or perhaps you’ve invested in rattan in the past and made the wrong decision?

Rattan is a gorgeously luxurious addition to any garden – and whether you’d like to entertain friends and family on your stylish and comfortable furniture or simply want to relax with a mug of coffee and a great book, it’ll prove a great choice.

Furniture made from rattan adorns many a home and gardens magazine – and it also crops up often on online blogs. With good reason, of course. Rattan can bring immediate interest to your space – and it’s also a great value choice, as it will last and last.

Our buyers’ guide to rattan furniture answers all your questions, from what to consider before making a purchase, to how to look after your chosen pieces, how to measure up your outdoor space – and anything and everything in between. Read on…

What is rattan furniture?

Made from rattan vines which are expertly woven together, rattan furniture can be used year-round but is most often enjoyed in gardens up and down the country during the summer months. 

Synthetic polyethylene (PE rattan), which is the variety of rattan we use to craft our furniture, offers the same timeless aesthetic as natural rattan, while being more suitable for prolonged UV exposure outdoors.  

Place it in your garden and it won’t fade under the sun’s UV rays, which means you’re guaranteed to enjoy better value for money in the long run.

Why is rattan furniture perfect for your garden?

First and foremost, rattan furniture looks stylish – and is bound to pique the attention of anyone who visits your home. Whether you decide to add rattan pieces to your garden or your conservatory, it will add the perfect finishing touch to your space.

On-trend, built to last and designed to withstand the elements if placed outside, synthetic rattan furniture is a good choice for any homeowner.

Buying Rattan Gardan Furniture: What to Look For

How do you know the rattan furniture you have your eye on is good enough quality? Did you know, for example, that there are different types of rattan available on the market?

Synthetic or Natural Rattan

First, you have a choice of synthetic or natural rattan, with the former being much more durable and weather resistant. 

Of course, here at Luxury Rattan we sell pieces made only from synthetic rattan. The aim is to ensure your furniture stands the test of time and fares well in all weather – and you can be sure of that with synthetic rattan.

Aluminium or Steel Frames

We also use aluminum, as opposed to steel, frames to craft our furniture. This benefits you, as aluminium won’t rust when your furniture is left out in the rain, snow, or frost. Good quality rattan furniture is easy to come by when you know where to look.

Flat, Half Round or Rod Weaves

The weave style determines what your rattan furniture looks like – and we know aesthetics are hugely important to you when buying rattan – or indeed anything else for your garden. The weave you choose can also positively affect the durability and comfort of your chosen pieces.

Flat weave tends to be a cheaper form of weave, while rod weave is the most expensive. A top-level choice, it can be out of many people’s budgets. A half round weave, though, is a great, luxurious-looking alternative to rod weave – and it’s the weave we use here at Luxury Rattan.

Choose half round weave furniture and you’re choosing comfort, luxury, style, and durability. It’s also a weave that requires minimum care – everything you’ll be looking for in good quality rattan furniture.

How to Ensure Your Rattan Furniture Complements and Fits Your Space

So, we know that Luxury Rattan furniture is made with longevity in mind. It also looks great – and will easily slot into any outdoor space in terms of its aesthetics. As our rattan is natural in appearance, it will complement any garden or scheme – whether traditional or contemporary.

To ensure your chosen pieces fit within the available space and you’ve selected the best rattan furniture for you, make sure you measure up before buying rattan furniture.

  • First, decide which area of your garden you’d like to place your furniture – whether on your patio, or even indoors, in a conservatory or outhouse

  • Next, note down the measurements of your chosen rattan furniture collection, including each individual item. You’ll also want to leave a little room between the chairs and table (and the fire pit – if your chosen set comes with one) to ensure you have plenty of room to get comfortable. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least three metres clearance around each piece

  • Now, measure the available space – whether that’s your patio or outhouse – to work out if your chosen pieces will fit. Measure the length and width and allow for the three-metre clearance, as mentioned above. Always consult the product page of the individual item or furniture range for accurate dimensions.

Have a question or two about measuring up? Do not hesitate to contact our team here at Luxury Rattan.

Plastic Garden Furniture Vs Wooden

You’ve heard the old adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ – and that’s certainly true of plastic garden furniture, which is usually flimsier than wooden pieces. It also doesn’t look quite as luxurious as wooden – specifically, rattan – garden furniture.

True, it may be a good stopgap when you want to add some furniture to your first home and don’t want to splash out, but if you have to replace it with something more longwearing in a few short years, it’s a false economy.  

Things to Consider Before Buying Rattan Furniture

Thinking of treating yourself – and your outdoor space – to some rattan garden furniture? If so, here are a few things to consider first:

How You Use Your Garden

By this we mean, what will the furniture be used for? If you regularly entertain houseguests, the very best rattan furniture will prove a great investment. If, however, you rarely get out in the garden – save to read a book once or twice in the summer months – perhaps a cheaper alternative will do. That said, rattan furniture is gorgeous to look at – and whether you use your garden daily or hardly at all – it’s bound to improve your space. 

Your Personal Taste

Rattan never seems to go out of fashion, but there are different colours and styles to choose from too. This is where your personal taste is key; shop around here on the Luxury Rattan site and pick out the pieces that will complement your décor style – and your garden.

How You’ll Store It

Our synthetic rattan furniture is designed to withstand all weather. The frames offer a rust-free finish, and the rattan won’t fade in the sun. The cushions, meanwhile, may need to be stored inside during the winter months – so ask yourself: have you got the necessary space to do this?

Where to Position Your Rattan Furniture

The decision is yours, of course, but taking some time to consider where you’re going to position your rattan furniture will ensure you get the best from it. Here are some ideas:

Summer Houses

Your rattan furniture is made to last throughout the seasons – whether it’s kept outside or in. If you position it indoors, though, you won’t have to clean the garden furniture quite so often, which is a big consideration if you want to keep aftercare to a minimum. 

Outdoor Patio Areas

The most popular choice, outdoor patio areas offer a great place to position your rattan furniture. If you want to keep aftercare simple, though, consider covering it with a protective furniture cover between uses. It can, however, be placed in direct sunlight or left in the garden in rainy or frosty conditions; its synthetic material means it won’t be affected by the elements.

Small Gardens

Rattan furniture works just as well in small gardens as it does larger ones – just make sure you measure up and allow for plenty of clearance around the table and chairs to ensure the space doesn’t look cramped.

Larger Gardens

You have the benefit of plenty of space if yours is a larger garden; you may even have more than one patio, meaning you can decide whether you’d like your furniture in a shaded spot or an area that gets plenty of sun.

Shaded Areas

Shaded areas offer a great place to position rattan furniture, but you don’t need to avoid the sunlight if you choose synthetic rattan furniture from Luxury Rattan, as it’s designed to stand up in all weather.

Areas in Direct Sunlight

Again, you don’t need to avoid direct sunlight if you’re purchasing quality rattan furniture like our synthetic rattan pieces, which can withstand being placed under the sun’s rays.

Things to Consider After Buying Rattan Furniture


Does your rattan furniture come with a warranty? All Luxury Rattan pieces offer a generous warranty; simply check the individual product page to find out more.


You’re making a great choice when you decide to add rattan furniture to your garden, but a buyers’ guarantee will give you added piece of mind. Find out more about the guarantee we offer by visiting the individual product page of the product you like.

Preparing for Delivery 

Note down the date your furniture is due to arrive and ensure you’re at home on the given day. You will also need to clear a space outside or in (preferably outside) to accommodate the furniture our team delivers. 

Our Premium Plus Delivery service is a great option for you if you’d prefer not to assemble your chosen pieces yourself; find out more about it on the individual product pages here on the site.  

How to Assemble Your Furniture

Your rattan garden furniture comes with all the instructions you need to assemble it. Some of our pieces even come part-assembled, but if your chosen piece needs to be fully assembled, you can opt for our Premium Plus Delivery service. For an additional charge, our professional and friendly team will deliver your furniture, assemble it on your behalf and take away any packaging when they go.

How to Store Your Rattan Furniture

Your rattan furniture can be stored outside – and in all weather. You may want to purchase protective covers, though, to keep your pieces free from dirt and debris. If you use the furniture regularly, bringing the cushions inside will also keep them dry and ready for the next use.

How to Care for Your Rattan Furniture 

We want you to get the best from your rattan garden furniture – and if you look after it, you’ll enjoy years of use from your chosen sofa set.

To help you better care for your furniture, we’ve prepared a handy guide which features tips and tricks on looking after your rattan pieces in winter.

FAQs on Buying Rattan

Have another question or two about buying rattan garden furniture? Below are some frequently asked questions to give you some more food for thought:

Which type of rattan is best?

If you have the budget for it, opt for synthetic rattan, which has been made to last longer in your garden. Standing up to the elements, it fares better than natural rattan in harsh sunlight and even in cooler or rainy conditions. 

What is better – rattan or wicker?

Rattan is the material used to make your furniture, while wicker is simply a style and weaving technique. It’s worth knowing that wicker can also be woven from rattan.

How do I know if my rattan furniture is good quality?

Always choose a reputable rattan furniture seller and look for pieces made from synthetic rattan, as opposed to natural rattan. Synthetic rattan can stand being placed in the sun – or even out in the rain, frost, or snow.

What is the best frame for rattan furniture?

If you’d like your furniture to last, opt for rattan pieces made from aluminium frames – which offer a rust-free finish, unlike their steel counterparts. 

How long does rattan furniture last outside?

Rattan furniture, if looked after well, can last years – 10 or longer, which when you consider how many times you’ll use it within its lifespan, its cost per use is therefore very reasonable. 

Is rattan furniture eco-friendly?

Rattan furniture from Luxury Rattan is made from premium polyethylene, which is weather-resistant and sustainable. On top of that, our collection combines cushion covers made from long fibres and recycled products.

Have another question or two?

Do not hesitate to contact our team, who will be more than happy to answer your queries regarding the best rattan furniture for you. Once you’ve decided to add some gorgeous rattan pieces to your garden, take a look at our extensive range to pick out the sofa and chair set for your space.