How to host the perfect outdoor winter party

How to host the perfect outdoor winter party

Baby, it’s cold outside – but that doesn’t mean the fun has to go indoors.

Winter garden parties are a fabulous way to make use of your outdoor space all year round and, restrictions permitting, can be one of the safest ways to socialise throughout the festive season.

Whether it’s having a family party or just having the girls over for a gathering, it’s time to transform your garden into a winter wonderland.

It’s getting hot out here

Let’s face it, it’s going to be cold – but so what? It just means you’ll have to find some creative ways to get cosy! A firepit is always a popular choice for outdoor soirees, because it’s both a beautiful focal point in your garden and great for gathering guests around like it’s your very own winter Love Island.

Not a firepit fan? A gas patio heater will effectively spread warmth around your garden, so that you can stay out partying all night long (hey, we’re not judging). A chimenea will also give you a roaring fire to cosy up in front of.

Make sure you give your guests a heads up so they can dress for the weather – soft, chunky knits and luxurious faux fur are stylish but practical enough to keep the chill at bay. You could even set up an accessories corner with spare hats, scarves and jumpers - add in some cushions and throws, and voila! You’ve got a warm and cosy outdoor space.

Let there be light

It’s time to break out those Christmas decorations and bring some sparkle to your garden. Nothing creates a beautiful, festive atmosphere quite like fairy lights. Try hanging them from trees, threaded through fences, hanging around doorways – there’s no such thing as too many fairy lights, and many of them are suitable for outdoor use.

If it’s looking like the weather will hold up, bring any other battery-powered lights outside for an extra-gorgeous glow. You could also light some candles and put them inside jars – just make sure to put them in a place away from children (and adults who have had a few too many).

Eat, drink and be merry

We know what you’re thinking – a barbecue in winter? But really, there’s no reason why you can’t use yours all year round! Barbecues are such an easy way to feed your guests at a winter party – just prep your food in the daytime so that all you need to do in the evening is get it fired up and get the food cooking.

As for drinks – we’re not saying that you should pour away your Prosecco if you’re having an outdoor party, but offering warm, festive drinks will be a welcome touch for your guests. Think mulled wine, boozy hot chocolates and Irish coffee – you could even make a batch and keep it in a big, insulated flask, to save you going back and forth to the kitchen.

And for that Prosecco? An ice bucket coffee table will keep it perfectly chilled.

Take a seat

Unlike in summer where your guests would be happy to sit on picnic blankets, no-one is going to love being asked to sit on the ground when it’s freezing outside. A rattan furniture set will keep your guests comfortable, as well as looking stunning in your garden.

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