Hygge: the art of stylish cosiness in your home

Hygge: the art of stylish cosiness in your home

Hygge, the Danish word that roughly translates to ‘cosiness’, is a trend that has re-emerged every winter for the past few years. It conjures up images of candlelit rooms, freshly baked pastries and curling up under a blanket with a mug of mulled wine.

Basically, hygge is everything that you want to be doing when it’s dark and cold outside. Think of it as self-care – it’s taking the time to relax and look after yourself.

It’s all about creating a cosy, relaxing haven – so, how can you bring a hygge vibe into your home?

A neutral colour scheme

Neutral interiors have been a huge trend this year. A neutral colour palette is modern and calming – as much as we may love a pop of colour, it can be distracting. Use accessories like cushions and throws to incorporate stylish tones of beige, cream and terracotta.

Adding wooden furniture to your home is also a great way to bring in some Scandi chic, like our gorgeously understated Vanya coffee table.

Use luxurious textures

Think cashmere, soft knits, faux fur, velvet, or any other beautifully soft fabrics. The aim is to surround yourself with as many cosy, indulgent items as possible! This luxurious, champagne-toned velvet sofa is as hygge as it gets, decorated with plush scatter cushions that you can sink into at the end of the day. Blissful!

Atmospheric lighting

Harsh overhead lighting isn’t the way to go for a hygge atmosphere. Open all the curtains and blinds to get in as much natural light as possible, and if it’s still not quite light enough, switch on a few lamps for an ambient glow. Candles are also wonderfully atmospheric, especially if you opt for ones with soothing scents, like Lemongrass and Patchouli, or Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood and Bergamot.

Fairy lights are perfect for this time of year, so try some warm, white fairy lights draped over bookcases or other pieces of furniture.

Less is more

By its nature, hygge is a minimalistic style – it’s more about quality than quantity. Now is a great time to declutter your living spaces, as the aim is to feel as calm and relaxed as possible in your home. Everything you introduce to your living space should be something that makes you feel happy, no matter how small it is.

There is a reason why Danish people are amongst the happiest in the world and, in part, it’s because of the hygge state of mind – it’s peaceful, warm and inviting. A hygge home is a happy home, so make sure to focus on the art of wellbeing this winter.