Must-have interior design trends of 2021

Must-have interior design trends of 2021

As most of us spent far more time at home than we expected during 2020, many of us started paying a little more attention to transforming our homes and gardens – after all, there wasn’t anywhere else to go!

If you’re feeling like your home could do with a style overhaul in 2021, we’ve gathered some of the top interior design trends that you can expect to see in the new year.

Luxurious minimalism

It may seem like a contradiction, but luxe minimalism is expected to be a huge interior trend. With so many of us working from home for the foreseeable, warm colours like cream, champagne and camel mixed with natural materials like marble, wood and rattan will bring a sense of calm. Think Scandi-chic but with a bit more glamour thrown in.

Arianna Coffee Table.
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Modern maximalism

Not a minimalist? Well, lucky you, because maximalism is also big news for the year ahead! Rather than switching your current home accessories out for new ones, try adopting a ‘more is more’ approach for a fun, unique look. You don’t even need to worry about sticking to a certain colour palette or style – it’s all about injecting your space with your own personality, mixing and maxing to create a style that is pure ‘you’.

Practical and pretty

2020 taught us that our homes can be way more functional than we might expect, as many of us saw our homes turn into our office, gym and school as well as somewhere to relax. Well, for 2021, we’re going to see a major focus on creating spaces that are multifunctional and well-thought out. Think storage ottomans that will let you stylishly stash away your gym equipment, or a fold-down desk that will allow you to go between work life and home life with ease. Versatility is key.

Neutrals are here to stay

Instagram’s favourite colour palette over the past few years, grey and white interiors aren’t going anywhere in 2021. The contemporary look of an all-grey and white home is incredibly popular, bringing a chic yet cosy vibe. Textures such as gorgeous silver-grey crushed fabrics or sparkling crushed diamond can easily be incorporated through home accessories for a timeless but modern look.

Amelie Grey Velvet Sofa.
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Bringing the outside in

Houseplants were a huge trend in 2020, as many people found themselves cultivating home jungles during lockdown! Not only are houseplants great for your health and wellbeing, they are perfect for bringing a zen state of calm to your home, which is definitely what most of us need right now. Even just adding one large, eye-catching houseplant in a classic terracotta pot will immediately bring your room into 2021.

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